All rooms, suites and cottages have:
  • Queen beds
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Free WiFi
  • Coffee pot
  • LED flat-screen TV
  • DVR
  • New bathrooms
  • Includes all utilities
  • All prices plus tax

Extended-stay discounts are always negotiable.


One night $89, two or more nights $84, per week $499, per month $1,350.


The Elvis and the Marilyn Suites. An additional fold-out or captain's bed, stack washer/dryer, stove, dishwasher.
$125 per night (with two-day minumum), $550 per week, $1,500 per month.
Some pets allowed at Proprietor's Sole Discretion.
$20 per night or $75 week pet fee.

Want a larger place? The Abbot Cottage:

Two bedrooms, living, kitchen/dining and bath rooms.
$125 per night (three-day minimum), $525 per week, $1,500 per month.

No phones in rooms, bring your cell phone.
If you choose to smoke, it is allowed on covered porches just outside the rooms, benches and ashtray provided.
Please Do Not Smoke in the Rooms.